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The Cabin-Shed-Batch and a wildly optimistic Cunning Plan


And so here it is The Coffee and Pinot Noir Music Cabin Wildly Cunning Plan 

Basic concept, build a cabin in New Zealand where I come from, THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE and Oh the insanity, put a piano in it and make more MUSIC :) Yes I know I need some serious help...

Stream download whatever you like, direct to your bedroom, hot tub, hard drive driving device and...........If you are Crazy enough Book me for a home concert.... Cheers

PAYPAL, or what ever works for you

Pause for effect,

But strangely enough, as you know, like coffee and wine it does take a wee bit of time, knowledge and money to make it happen, So not so "FREE" and so here is your donation opportunity,  

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and are hopeful that if this goes exceedingly well, it may even produce a NZ Mountain Festival although I do not know what that will look like, But I am hopeful that it will involve you, real people in the flesh, because playing music in isolation is about as satisfying to the soul and our collective connectivity, as a picture of food is to a starving person, or in your case a picture of coffee or Pinot Noir is to your thirst and satisfaction.  Thank You

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