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//  Origin:  NEW ZEALAND
Piano / Americana / Blues / Country-Rock
Piano Singer Songwriter
//  Years Active:  Then - Now
//  Label:  RMR - Checked Label Services
Short Bio
Steven Jaymes is the "Other Piano Guy" Born in the deep south of New Zealand, Lived more places than he can remember, and always in pursuit of that magical connection generated by music. He is a Singer Songwriter of the "Old School" persuasion and a weaver of tales tall and sometimes true

There is a lot of the philosopher in Steven Jaymes, the archetypal artist, the seeker, the seer, the bringer of the news, a man seduced by the revelations that can come from a simple chord progression, the telling of what seems, on the surface, a simple tale.

Michael Smith, The Music/Drum Media

Steven's whiskey-soaked voice fits very well in with the surroundings, and pretty soon that really spontaneous feel starts to show. He brings on his guitar and everything just sky-rockets. It feels a bit like taking a step back to your own heritage. Everything falls in place when Steven takes the role of a true singer-songwriter. But soon the feel changes pace once again. He asks a guy from the audience to take on the guitar, while he steps back to his piano. Then the roof really falls off! This moment is quite astonishing. The blues is not just present, it sits down in the easy chair, sipping on the drinks, and stomps it's feet. The music demands attention of every atom present in the room.

"Poor, poor you, if you weren't there!"
Mindy Christiernin Borås Times, Sweden

"THINGS GET BETTER is full of exquisite tracks, amongst them the title track. Things Get Better, the uplifting Everything Will Be Alright, as well as other highlights such as the elusive Hemingway's Cats and Bird On A Wire. And STEVEN has the kind of voice - with the same elusive yet captivating quality that makes KEVIN BENNETT and MARC COHN such compelling singers - that you just want to keep listening to. While Steven Jaymes is a still a relatively unknown quantity in Australia, that's likely to change fast. Steven's beautifully crafted songs and remarkable voice make listening to this album a memorable experience, one to be savoured and repeated.
Susan Jarvis

"It's amazing how many times a good CD can slip through the cracks.
And for every singer who makes it big, there are hundreds who continue to ply their trade virtually unnoticed and appreciated only by a core group of fans.
And while you may never have heard of New Zealand-born Steven Jaymes, his resume speaks for itself — five albums, a couple of globetrotting tours and a wealth of worldly life experiences.
His songs are soulful and meaningful with a voice that, unlike Tony Abbott, speaks the truth each time he draws breath.
A reflective and inspired collection of songs, Things Get Better features highlights in the poignant Can’t Remember To Forget and the uplifting Hemingway’s Cats.
Everything Will Be Alright and the title track are also must-listens. IN SHORT: Honest "
Jamie Horne, The Border Mail / Fairfax

“Stevens new Album Things Get Better is like chocolate; warm, smooth, melt-in-your-mouth and very addictive. Steven’s voice brings out every nuance of the silky melodies and lyric’s. The songs are beautifully crafted and anything but clichéd”
Deborah Minter, Capital News

"On rare occasions a CD turns up that exceeds all your expectations. This is one of those uncommon occasions."
Rosie Adsett, Country Update



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